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Santa Barbara, California is located along the Pacific Coast about 90 miles north west of Los Angeles. Santa Barbara’s climate is described as Mediterranean and is widely known as the “American Riviera” because of it’s similar climate to that of French and Italian Rivieras. Santa Barbara’s Mediterranean climate allows for warmer winters and cooler summers cooking up perfect conditions for the growth of creamy, velvety and tasty Santa Barbara Avocados. Santa Barbara avocados are special because Santa Barbara is known as the country’s first avocado-eating city and the site of the first commercial avocado orchard dating all the way back to 1895.

What you will find at this site are tasty Santa Barbara avocado recipes that are great for breakfest, lunch and dinner. Most of the recipes that I provide are traditional recipes and some recipes have a new kick to them. With the majority of avocados consumed during important sporting events such as the Superbowl or traditional holidays such as Cinco de Mayo, I relate these recipes to certain sporting events and holidays.

I hope you enjoy these recipes and pass them on!

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